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   Sample Availability & Policy

   If the samples are available in stock or on the production lines, they 

   will be free to our clients. If its production process is new or it is large

   one, the sample cost will be negotiated.  And the samples ca be

   prepared and dispatched within one week.


   Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions

   With our many years of special experience in manufacturing and being

   involved in foreign trade, we have established good relationship with

   shipping companies, banks, Commodities Import&Export Inspection

   Bureau, etc. to assure punctual delivery.


  Export/Import Processing Support

  * Supply products information details including price,

  * Supply necessary samples,

  * Confirm order, arrange production and book shipping spape,

  * Provide full shipping, inspection, certificate and banking drafts.





   After Sales Service

    * We value our customers' feedback and suggestions regularly,

   * We respond to customers' inquiries carefully and promptly,

      And solve their problems and difficulties efficiently.





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