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Zipper Introduction

A: Commonly-used Method for Discerning the quality of Zipper

  • Tabs:

    The day for the tabe should be even without stain and scar,touched by hand , it feels soft. The tape lookslike wave in the direction vertically and horizontaly.
  • Teeth:

    The surface of the teeth should be smooth,when used,if feels soft without noise.
  • Slider:

    The brace should go smoothly and freely,fastened but will not come off.
  • Reinforce Tabpe:

    The reinforce tape fits the tape well without breaking and coming off.
  • Box and Pin:

    Square Bolt can be adopted freely fastening with the band.

  • Top Stop and End Stop:

    1.The top-stop must come together with first tooth on metal and nylon zippers.But the distance can not be over 1 mm and should be firm and looks fine.

    2. The bottom stop must come together with the teeth or be fastened on surface and should be firm and look fine.

B: Tips for selecting the Zipper

Different zipper suits dirrerent conditions, hence when buying zippers the following matters should be pointed out to the manufacture:

  1. where will the zipper be used (such as leather trunk,footwear,jacket,raincoat,tent,jeans needing hard washing and leather products with high acidity) or other special requirements.
  2. Requirements for the content of zipper:does not need containing AZO or nickel or pass needle detector.

C: Allowable tolerance of zipper length

Due to the inertie caused by the speed of machine operation during the manufacturing of zipper as well as the completeness of the teeth, there will appear allowable tolerance.The longer the zipper is the bigger the allowable tolerance will be.

Attached as follows is the table of errors for Germany and Japanese YKK

Table of errors for Germany and Japanese YKK

Errors provided by Japanese YKK in the New Century Fair
Zipper length (MM)     Allowable tolerance
bellow 30 5 MM
30-below 60 10 MM
60-bellow 100 1.5%
above 100 3%

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