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Table Of Button Size Measurement


Button size lignes(L) or millimeter(MM) for diameter
1Lignes=0.625 MM   1MM=1/25 INCH

12L=7.5 MM =5/16"
13L=8.0 MM =5/16"
14L=9.0 MM =11/32"
15L=9.5 MM =3/8"
16L=10.0 MM =13/32"
17L=10.5 MM =7/16"
18L=11.5 MM =15/32"
20L=12.5 MM =1/2"
22L=14.0 MM =9/16"
24L=15.0 MM =5/8"
26L=16.0 MM =21/32"
28L=18.0 MM =23/32"
30L=19.0 MM =3/4"
32L=20.0 MM =13/16"
34L=21.0 MM =27/32"
36L=23.0 MM =7/8"
40L=25.0 MM =1"
44L=28.0 MM =1-3/32"
45L=30.0 MM =1-3/16"
54L=34.0 MM =1-5/16"
60L=38.0 MM =1-1/2"
64L=40.0 MM =1-9/16"

Remarks: Measurement of lignes is not exactly 100% equal to MM.

Button Diameter:

For Button Size,Measure the outer largest diameter


Measure inside diameter for Belt use


For general.USAGE,INCH or MM is for buckle,as for button,lignes or MM is used.



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